Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator

Unfortunately, no matter how good the intentions of parents may be, in many divorce cases, parental relationships are strained. When there is significant disagreement to a point where the parents are unable to be civil, their children may be impacted negatively. This is when it is a good idea for a parent, or in some cases, the court, to recommend a parenting coordinator.

As a parenting coordinator, I help parents in high-stress situations resolve their differences so they can focus more readily on their interest in their children, rather than their mutual disputes. This process generally allows everyone, children and parents, to face less stress, and communicate more effectively.

A parenting coordinator can help you resolve issues that arise including visitation disputes, children’s schedules, or other issues that you simply cannot agree upon. This can all be handled without the cost, and time involved in going to court.

I have served as a parenting coordinator across Tulsa County, Creek County, Wagoner County, Osage County, and Washington County and have successfully helped parents resolve differences without causing additional stress for their children. I understand disputes arise, and I also understand the various emotions involved, for both parents, after a divorce, regardless of the challenges you were facing during the marriage. These emotions often color our best judgment and my role is to ensure you can reach an amicable agreement.

When you need a neutral third-party to help you resolve issues about your children, contact Adam Carroll Legal, PC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have experience dealing with these complex matters.