Welcome to Adam Carroll, Legal PC

For more than a decade, I have been providing assistance to those in Tulsa County, Creek County, Wagoner County, Osage County, and Washington County with complex family law issues. I pride myself on taking the time to understand your unique situations and helping you find the best possible resolution.

In addition to dealing with those who have mutually agreed to a divorce, I also have experience handling more complicated cases when couples simply cannot agree. Because of this, I have extensive litigation experience which I am ready to use to help you resolve your divorce issues.

During the time I have been practicing in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, I have dealt with child custody issues including initial agreements between parents, and when needed, modifying existing custody orders. Typically, these issues also involve support matters; I have helped resolve issues of modifying current child support orders, and helping parents when court orders for payment of support are ignored.

I understand there are no easy answers for most divorces; disagreements can occur over property division, spousal or child support, and even over issues of visitation. When parents cannot agree on matters that impact their children’s well-being, I have also served as a parenting coordinator; a process which is often far less challenging than going to court.

Whether you are considering divorce, need help modifying prior custody, or support agreements, or you and your spouse are disagreeing over visitation or other matters that are impacting your children, contact Adam Carroll Legal, P.C. for help. Let me put my experience to work to help you resolve these matters successfully.