I know divorce is difficult, having helped numerous clients through the process. Even when spouses agree their marriage is no longer viable, there are other issues that must be resolved. When a divorce is contested, the process is even more complicated. Both parties are typically feeling unmoored; there is a great deal of uncertainty that is inevitable. Both parties have questions about the process, are uncertain about property division, and often are concerned about their future.

Property Division in Oklahoma

Couples who have been married for a long time often hold most of their assets jointly. Oklahoma courts look at the value of property, amount of debt, and the financial status of the parties. Typically, if one of the spouses has property they had prior to their marriage, it will not be considered marital property. The courts will use what is known as equitable distribution; this does not mean equal distribution however, so it is important to discuss the difference with your divorce attorney.

Spousal Support Issues

In some divorce cases, one spouse may be ordered to pay spousal support. This may apply when one spouse has always remained at home; due to health, caring for children, or due to a lack of skills. This is nearly always a contentious issue; the receiving spouse feels they are entitled to support, and the paying spouse resents the payment. I can help you resolve these matters.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Tulsa County, Creek County, Wagoner County, Osage County, or Washington County, or your spouse has informed you they intend to file, you need to contact an Oklahoma divorce attorney right away. Since my practice focuses entirely on family law matters, I can provide you an understanding of the law, help you through a divorce where most issues are agreed upon, or when necessary, help you through the litigation process for a contested divorce. Contact Adam Carroll Legal, PC in Tulsa, Oklahoma to make sure your rights are protected during a divorce.